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The Gordons & Bailter Space: An archive 1980 – 2019

by Michael Canning

This blog is an archival history of the Gordons and Bailter Space. Both bands have furrowed their own unique paths and as different musical entities have produced exceptional work since 1980. Their history is an important thread in the story and evolution of the post-punk music scene of New Zealand, and their collective body of work has had significant influence on generations of musicians from New Zealand and elsewhere around the world.

They were always active live bands and so this archive, as an ongoing process, presents an evolving gigography of shows. It comes from interviews, magazines, posters, live recordings, and so forth. This presentation is part of a book that is being written on both bands so please get in contact if you have any anecdotes from seeing either group or can clarify any details/gaps. I am also keen to hear from people who have unpublished photos from shows and/or live recordings. All concerts in the below archive are in New Zealand for the period of 1980 – 88 unless stated otherwise.

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This blog is © Michael Canning, so you need to contact me if you wish to reproduce any part of this text or timeline. The book will hopefully be published by the end of 2018. If you would like to make a donation towards its publication please email me at the address above.

(last update: Sunday 24th March 2019)

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The Gordons existed from 1980 to 1984 and caused a major stir in New Zealand’s music scene with their intense and innovative sonic experiments with volume, rhythm, structure, guitar tunings, and dissonance. All three original members, John Halvorsen, Alister Parker, and Brent McLachlan came from the wider Christchurch/Ashburton area and formed the band just a week before their first concert, which was supporting the Whizz Kids at the Hillsborough Tavern on Saturday March 22nd 1980. Their first EP ‘Future Shock’ was recorded at Harlequin Studios in Auckland in 1980 and released later that year on their own label. It quickly became a collectors item with copies apparently swapping hands in New York at one point in the mid 80’s for up to $400. Their first album, also recorded at Harlequin, was self-released towards the end of 1981 and was promptly voted by readers of ‘Rip It Up’ as New Zealand album of the year. The band played their final show in Wellington in July 1984 with their second line-up of McLachlan and Halvorsen, with Vince Pinker (ex-Proud Scum) on bass. The Gordons released three records during their lifetime and their influence went international, despite them never venturing outside of New Zealand’s shores. One of the very first questions members of Sonic Youth asked on their first tour of New Zealand in early 1989 was if they could go see the Gordons play! After the finish of the Gordons both Halvorsen and McLachlan eventually became members of the Skeptics. They became co-owners of Writhe Recording in Wellington with the Skeptics; and played and recorded with them until the Skeptics finished in September 1990, after vocalist David D’Ath died from leukemia.

Bailter Space began in Christchurch in 1986 as ‘Nelsh Bailter Space’ when guitarist Alister Parker joined forces with ex- Clean drummer Hamish Kilgour and they started jamming and writing material together. The first Nelsh Bailter Space public performance occurred in late January 1987 with Glenda Bills on keyboard, the band playing support to the Chills at the Carlton Hotel in central Christchurch. Ross Humphries (ex-Pin Group) joined the band in mid 1987 on bass and at the end of that year the 6 track Nelsh Bailter Space EP was released on Flying Nun. The prefix Nelsh was dropped by early 1988, with Bills and Humphries leaving. In April 1988 the new Bailter Space recorded their first album, ‘Tanker’, at Writhe Studios in Wellington with ex-Gordons member Halvorsen on bass. By early 1989 Kilgour had departed and McLachlan joined the band to play drums, and the three began their next phase of working together. Between 1989 and 1991 the band toured New Zealand, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and eventually left New Zealand in 1992 to base themselves in New York City after a protracted stay in Europe.

Bailter Space have released numerous albums and EP’s over their history to critical acclaim and have never compromised their vision of experimentation with tonality, melody, and rhythmic density. In August 2012 Bailter Space released their 9th album ‘Strobosphere’, the first in 13 years, on the Fire and Arch Hill labels. Their last performance was at the Kings Arms in Auckland in early February 2013, which was the final show of a three date tour in New Zealand. This tour was particularly significant in being the first time the band had performed in their home country for nearly 14 years. Their latest album ‘Trinine’ was released in September 2013.

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Bands who shared the stage with the Gordons include: The Whizz Kids, The Wallsockets, Bored Games, The Clean, Domestic Blitz, LIFE, The Mixers, The Steroids, The Siphoners, The Features, Marie & the Atom, The Wallsockets, Naked Spots Dance, Shoes This High, Ballon D’Essai, Naked Spots Dance, The Wastrels, The Preservatives, The Playthings, The Verlaines, The Volkswagens, The Spines, The Droogs, The Lollies, Mainly Spaniards, The Clients, The Bombers, Androidss, The Axemen, Scorched Earth Policy, The White Boys, Doublehappys, Children’s Hour, and Fishschool.

Bands who shared the stage with Bailter Space include: Wax Chattels, Squirm, 3D’s, Suka, Short, Loves Ugly Children, Able Tasmans, Straitjacket Fits, The Bats, Chainsaw Masochists, The Chills, Chris Knox, Breathing Cage, Axemen, NRA, Six Finger Satellite, Chevy Heston, The Renderers, The Strangeloves, David Kilgour, JPS Experience, Sunday Puncher, Dolphin, Solid Gold Hell, Nerve, Slash Orchestra, Mike Watt, The Chords, Scarabs, Shoulder, Gods and Monsters, Celine, The Shams, No Safety’s, Nar Cist, Pavement, Moonshake, Liz Phair, Girls Against Boys, TFUL 282, Yo La Tengo, Lung, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Pavement, Urge Overkill, Delta 27, Heretix, The Ropers, Pendragon, Radial Spangle, Bardo Pond, Spectrum, Cosmic Psychos, Chokebore, Spunk Davis, The Lils, Sleepyhead, Helium, Railroad Jerk, Eye TV, Sci-Fi Starland, Garageland, Superette, Hunters & Collectors, Atomic Blossom, The Notwist, Varnaline, Bluebottle Kiss, Atticus, Wretched Skinny, Sugarbug, Mike Watt, The Feelers, Stellar, Slim, Poem Rocket, Delta 27, Zoobombs, Bionic, The Killjoys, The Flashing Lights, Groovy Religion, Chris Field, Mean Red Spiders, Elevator Through, Shuggie, Technician, Helios Creed, Third Eye Foundation, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Negatones, Bunny Brains, Ginmill, Voyager One, The Gefkens, Kepone, Coral, Feed, Casper Brotzmann Massaker, Satisfact, Colfax Abbey, Spectrum, Space Needle, Envelope, Via Satellite, and The Lynnfield Pioneers.

I would like to say a big thank you to all who who have remembered dates and venues spanning back the years, but particularly: Gary Steel ( ) for the inspiration to start this via his articles from 1981; John Halvorsen; Simon Kay; Wade Churton; Bob Sutton; Rob Mayes; Andrew Schmidt for his sterling help in massively bolstering the original list of Gordons shows; Neil Smith for his work on translations; Robert Scott; Detlef Juergens; Craig Parker, Arbuthnot, Auto_Pilot, Pal Meentzen; David Patterson; Will Prentice; Christian Witt and Thomas Keitsch for their assistance on the German tours of the 1990’s; plus Cornelius Collins for his help on American tour dates.

(*) = known audio recording


1980-03-22 Hillsborough, Christchurch (*)
1980-04-10 Hillsborough, Christchurch
1980-04-11 Hillsborough, Christchurch
1980-04-12 Hillsborough, Christchurch
1980-04-14 Hillsborough, Christchurch
1980-04-17 Hillsborough, Christchurch
1980-04-23 Gladstone, Christchurch
1980-04-24 Gladstone, Christchurch
1980-04-25 Gladstone, Christchurch
1980-04-26 Gladstone, Christchurch
1980-05-14 Imperial, Christchurch
1980-05-15 Imperial, Christchurch
1980-06-01 Hillsborough Community Centre, Christchurch
1980-06-00 The Cook Tavern, Dunedin
1980-06-00 South Dunedin Town Hall
1980-07-04 Billy d’ Club, Wellington
1980-07-05 Billy d’ Club, Wellington
1980-07-06 Billy d’ Club, Wellington
1980-07-11 Billy d’ Club, Wellington
1980-07-12 Billy d’ Club, Wellington
1980-07-12 Billy d’ Club, Wellington
1980-08-07 Last Resort, Wellington (*)
1980-08-08 Last Resort, Wellington
1980-08-09 Last Resort, Wellington
1980-08-10 Last Resort, Wellington
1980-08-22 Billy d’Club, Wellington
1980-08-23 Billy d’Club, Wellington
1980-09-04 Cheetah Bar, Auckland
1980-09-05 Cheetah Bar, Auckland
1980-09-06 Cheetah Bar, Auckland
1980-09-11 Mainstreet, Auckland
1980-10-11 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1980-10-12 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1980-10-13 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1980-10-20 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1980-10-21 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1980-10-22 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1980-00-00 Gluepot, Auckland
1980-11-07 Auckland University Café, Auckland
1980-11-08 Auckland University Café, Auckland
1980-11-09 Cafe XS, Auckland
1980-11-24 Cafe XS, Auckland
1980-11-25 Cafe XS, Auckland
1980-11-26 Cafe XS, Auckland
1980-00-00 Carrington Mental Hospital, Auckland
1980-12-00 Red Cross Hall, Wellington
1980-12-24 Brooklyn Community Centre, Wellington

1981-01-16 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-01-17 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-01-24/25/26 Sweetwaters Festival, Ngaruawahia
1981-00-00 Wi Tako Prison, Trentham
1981-02-05 Terminus Hotel, Wellington
1981-02-06 Terminus Hotel, Wellington
1981-02-07 Terminus Hotel, Wellington
1981-02-12 Last Resort, Wellington
1981-02-13 Last Resort, Wellington
1981-02-14 Last Resort, Wellington
1981-02-15 Last Resort, Wellington
1981-02-20 Last Resort, Wellington
1981-03-26 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-03-27 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-03-28 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-04-05 The Central Hotel, Hawera
1981-04-06 The White Hart, New Plymouth
1981-04-07 The White Hart, New Plymouth
1981-04-12 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1981-04-13 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1981-04-14 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1981-04-18 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1981-04-19 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1981-04-21 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1981-05-18 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-05-19 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-05-21 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-07-02 Rock against Racism, Thistle Hall, Wellington
1981-00-00 Hornby High School, Christchurch
1981-00-00 Sunday’s Cool, Town Hall, Christchurch
1981-08-22 Hillsborough Tavern, Christchurch
1981-09-02 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-09-03 Christchurch Arts Centre, Christchurch
1981-09-26 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1981-09-30 Station Hotel, Auckland
1981-10-01 Station Hotel, Auckland
1981-10-06 Station Hotel, Auckland
1981-10-08 Reverb Room, Auckland
1981-10-09 Reverb Room, Auckland
1981-10-10 Reverb Room, Auckland
1981-10-15 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1981-10-16 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1981-10-17 Rumba Bar, Auckland
1981-10-20 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1981-10-21 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1981-10-22 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-10-23 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-10-24 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-12-02 Hillsborough, Christchurch
1981-00-00 Ashburton Hotel, Ashburton
1981-00-00 Windsor, Auckland
1981-12-11 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-12-12 Gladstone, Christchurch
1981-12-31 Gladstone, Christchurch

1982-03-01 “Video Night”, Orientation, Ballroom, Canterbury University, Christchurch

1983-09-01 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-09-02 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-09-03 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-09-05 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-09-30 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-10-01 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-10-07 181 Cuba St, Wellington (*)
1983-10-08 181 Cuba St, Wellington
1983-10-14 Cabana Club, Napier
1983-10-15 Cabana Club, Napier
1983-10-20 Mainstreet, Auckland (*)
1983-10-21 A Certain Bar, Auckland (*)
1983-10-22 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1983-10-24 SPAM, Symonds St, Auckland
1983-10-25 SPAM, Symonds St, Auckland
1983-12-22 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-12-29 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-12-30 Gladstone, Christchurch
1983-12-31 Gladstone, Christchurch

1984-02-23 Gladstone Hotel, Christchurch (*)
1984-02-24 Gladstone, Christchurch
1984-02-25 Gladstone, Christchurch
1984-03-01 Old Mill, Timaru
1984-03-02 Old Mill, Timaru
1984-03-03 Old Mill, Timaru
1984-03-00 Unknown venue, Dunedin
1984-03-22 Terminus Hotel, Wellington (*)
1984-03-23 Terminus Hotel, Wellington (*)
1984-03-24 Terminus Hotel, Wellington (*)
1984-03-30 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1984-03-31 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1984-04-02 Albert Motor Lodge, Palmerston North (*)
1984-04-03 Fosters, Wanganui
1984-04-04 Fosters, Wanganui
1984-04-05 Central Hotel, Hawera
1984-04-06 The White Hart, New Plymouth
1984-04-07 The White Hart, New Plymouth
1984-04-12 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1984-04-13 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1984-04-14 The Hillcrest Tavern, Hamilton
1984-04-18 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1984-04-19 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1984-04-20 Windsor Castle, Auckland
1984-04-23 Gluepot, Auckland
1984-07-05 Terminus Hotel, Wellington (*)
1984-07-00 Taita, Lower Hutt (*)


1987-01-30 Carlton Hotel, Christchurch (*)
1987-01-31 Carlton Hotel, Christchurch
1987-05-18 Playroom, Christchurch
1987-05-19 Playroom, MacKenzies Hotel, Christchurch (*)
1987-05-00 Live to air, RDU, Christchurch (*)
1987-06-13 Old Star, Christchurch (*)
1987-07-13 Old Star, Christchurch
1987-07-23 Old Star, Christchurch (*)
1987-08-30 Excheckers, Nelson
1987-09-02 Cricketers, Wellington
1987-09-04 Gluepot, Auckland
1987-09-05 Gluepot, Auckland
1987-09-26 Old Star, Christchurch
1987-09-27 Old Star, Christchurch
1987-11-20 Carlton Hotel, Christchurch
1987-11-21 Carlton Hotel, Christchurch


1988-02-28 Orientation, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
1988-04-00 Subway, Christchurch
1988-05-12 Rising Sun, Auckland
1988-05-13 Rising Sun, Auckland (*)
1988-05-14 Rising Sun, Auckland
1988-07-16 NMS Hoboken, New York City, NY, USA (*)
1988-07-22 CBGB’s, New York City, NY, USA

1989-02-24 Orientation, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
1989-07-28 The Venue, Auckland
1989-07-29 The Venue, Auckland
1989-07-18 The Carlton, Christchurch
1989-07-20 Sammy’s, Dunedin
1989-07-21 Eagles Palace, Tramway, Wellington
1989-09-15 Horticultural Hall, Christchurch
1989-11-00 Kardomah Cafe, Sydney, Australia
1989-11-00 North Melbourne, Australia
1989-11-00 Punters Club. Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

1990-02-27 Canterbury University, Christchurch (*)
1990-03-00 Orientation, University of Otago, Dunedin
1990-03-04 Powerstation, Auckland (*)
1990-03-16 Buffalo Club, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia
1990-03-18 Kardomah Cafe, Sydney, Australia
1990-03-23 Lansdowne, Sydney, Australia
1990-03-24 Maxes, Petersham Inn, Sydney, Australia (*)
1990-03-25 Harold Park, Sydney, Australia
1990-03-29 Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
1990-05-17 Club Roma, Auckland
1990-11-30 Gluepot, Auckland (*)

1991-03-09 Orientation, Canterbury University, Christchurch (*)
1991-03-19 Paisley Park, Wellington (*)
1991-03-22 Jazzhaus, Freiburg, Germany (*)
1991-03-23 Unknown venue, Geislingen, Germany
1991-03-24 Unknown venue, Frankfurt, Germany
1991-03-26 Picadilly, Kaufbeuren, Germany
1991-03-27 FZW, Dortmund, Germany
1991-03-29 Radebeul, Dresden, Germany
1991-04-01 Forum, Enger, Germany
1991-04-02 Line, Braunschweig, Germany
1991-04-05 Kulturzentrum, Basel, Switzerland
1991-04-06 JH, Ravensburg, Germany
1991-04-09 Rote Fabrik, Zürich, Switzerland
1991-04-11 Ecstasy, Berlin, Germany
1991-04-12 Underground, Köln, Germany
1991-04-15 Molotow, Hamburg, Germany
1991-04-16 Spot, Kassel, Germany
1991-04-17 Ostwerk, Augsburg, Germany
1991-04-18 Szene, Wien, Austria (*)
1991-04-19 JUZ, Vöcklabruck, Austria
1991-04-20 KFZ, Marburg, Germany
1991-05-01 Fury Murray’s, Glasgow, Scotland
1991-05-03 Potter Row, Edinburgh University, Scotland
1991-05-04 Marquee, London, England
1991-05-08 Knitting Factory, New York City, NY, USA (*)
1991-08-31 New Carpark, Wellington
1991-10-17 Gluepot, Auckland (*)
1991-11-14 New Carpark Wellington
1991-12-31 Dux De Lux, Christchurch

1992-07-31 Unknown venue, Wellington
1992-09-12 Gluepot, Auckland
1992-09-00 The Riverina, Hamilton
1992-09-00 The Venue, Wellington
1992-09-00 Warners, Christchurch
1992-10-28 Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA, USA (*)
1992-11-14 Underground, Köln, Germany (*)
1992-11-00 Unknown venue, Kaufbeuren, Germany
1992-11-19 Vera, Groningen, Holland
1992-11-00 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Holland
1992-12-05 Rough Trade Shop, London, England
1992-12-05 The White Horse, Hampstead, London, England
1992-12-07 Powerhaus, Islington, London, England (*)

1993-02-19 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1993-02-20 De Vlerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1993-03-13 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, Netherlands
1993-03-16 Underground, Köln, Germany
1993-03-17 Gleis 22, Münster, Germany (*)
1993-03-19 Forum, Enger, Germany
1993-04-02 Marquee, London, England
1993-04-23 BBC John Peel Session broadcast
1993-07-24 New Music Seminar, Irving Plaza, NYC, NY, USA
1993-07-31 Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL, USA
1993-08-07 Nick’s Bar, West Lafayette, IN, USA
1993-08-12 Kyhber Pass, Philadelphia
1993-08-13 The Middle East Upstairs, Boston, USA
1993-00-00 Unknown venue, San Francisco, CA, USA
1993-09-04 CBGB’s, NYC, NY, USA
1993-10-01 Causeway, Boston, PA, USA
1993-11-04 CBGB’s, NYC, NY, USA

1994-01-14 CBGB’s, NYC, NY, USA
1994-03-01 Student Hall, Victoria University, Wellington
1994-03-00 Unknown venue, Dunedin
1994-03-00 Ballroom, Canterbury University, Christchurch
1994-03-00 The Albert, Palmeston North
1994-03-00 Unknown venue, Auckland
1994-03-19 Warners, Christchurch (*)
1994-03-28 Powerstation, Auckland
1994-04-00 Punters Club, Melbourne, Australia
1994-04-00 Unknown venue, Sydney, Australia
1994-00-00 Unknown venue, Washington DC, USA
1994-00-00 Unknown venue, Baltimore, MA, USA
1994-00-00 Industry, Pontiac, MI, USA
1994-04-09 Florida Theater
, Gainesville, FL, USA
1994-04-14 Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX, USA
1994-04-15 Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX, USA
1994-04-17 Rome90, Norman, OK, USA
1994-04-29 Offramp, Seattle, WA, USA
1994-00-00 New Music Seminar, NYC, USA
1994-00-00 Unknown venue, Columbus, OH, USA
1994-05-05 Raji’s, Los Angeles, CA, USA (*)
1994-05-07 Downtown, Tucson, AZ, USA
1994-05-27 VPRO Session, Utrecht, Netherlands (*)
1994-05-28 Ekko, Utrecht, Netherlands (*)
1994-06-01 Gleis 22, Münster, Germany
1994-06-03 Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany
1994-06-18 Cadillac, Oldenburg, Germany
1994-06-22 AKW, Würzburg, Germany
1994-06-25 K.O.B., Schoeneberg, Berlin, Germany
1994-06-28 Negativ, Frankfurt, Germany (*)
1994-06-30 Knust, Hamburg, Germany
1994-07-02 Forum, Enger, Germany
1994-07-05 Cumberland Arms, Newcastle, England
1994-07-06 Rock House, Edinburgh, Scotland
1994-07-08 The Square, Harlow, England
1994-07-09 London, England
1994-07-17 Phoenix Festival, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England (*)
1994-09-00 Republik, Calgary, AB, Canada
1994-11-26 Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA, USA (*)
1994-11-23 9:30 Club, Washington DC, USA
1994-12-02 The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA, Boston, USA
1994-12-03 CBGB’s, NYC, NY, USA

1995-04-05 The Middle East (downstairs), Cambridge, MA, Boston, USA (*)
1995-04-08 Cleo, Hartford, CT (*)
1995-00-00 Unknown venue, Chicago, USA (*)
1995-00-00 The Cooler, NYC, NY, USA
1995-00-00 The Penalty Box, Cambridge, MA, Boston, USA
1995-00-00 Satyricon, Portland, OR, USA
1995-06-06 Sudsy Malone’s, Cincinnati, OH, USA
1995-06-30 Upstairs at Nick’s, Philadelphia, USA
1995-07-01 Black Cat, Washington DC, USA
1995-07-00 Emos, Austin, TX, USA
1995-07-03 Luciano’s, Pittsburgh, USA (*)
1995-07-05 Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH, USA
1995-07-17 Coffee Club, Moorhead, MN, USA (*)
1995-07-00 Unknown venue, Missoula, MO, USA
1995-07-00 Unknown venue, Seattle, WA, USA
1995-08-07 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI, USA (*)
1995-09-04 Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany
1995-09-05 Knaack Club, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany
1995-09-07 Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany
1995-09-08 Kufa, Krefeld, Germany
1995-09-09 KFZ, Marburg, Germany (*)
1995-09-20 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands
1995-09-21 Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands
1995-09-22 Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
1995-09-23 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1995-10-21 Mercury Lounge, NYC, New York, USA
1995-12-16 The Cooler, NYC, NY, USA
1995-12-22 Middle East Cafe, Cambridge, MA, USA

1996-01-19 Big Day Out, Auckland
1996-01-27 Kurtz Lounge, Auckland
1996-02-28 Powerstation, Auckland
1996-00-00 Indigo Bar,Wellington
1996-00-00 Warners, Christchurch
1996-02-27 Victoria University’s Orientation, Wellington
1996-03-01 Orientation, Ballroom, Canterbury University, Christchurch
1996-03-00 Orientation, Student Hall, Massey University, Palmeston North
1996-03-06 James Cabaret, Wellington
1996-03-07 James Cabaret, Wellington
1996-03-12 The Annandale, Sydney, Australia (*)
1996-03-23 The Annandale, Sydney, Australia (*)
1996-03-14 Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
1996-00-00 Unknown venue, Melbourne, Australia
1996-03-16 Adelaide University, Adelaide, SA, Australia
1996-00-00 Mercury Lounge, New York City, NY, USA
1996-00-00 Magic Stick, Detroit, MI, USA
1996-00-00 The Cooler, NYC, NY, USA
1996-05-19 Tramps, NYC, NY, USA
1996-07-25 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA, USA
1996-07-00 Unknown venue, San Francisco, CA, USA

1997-01-10 Brownies, NYC, NY, USA
1997-01-17 Big Day Out, Auckland
1997-01-29 ‘Freak The Sheep’ live-to-air 95BFM, Auckland
1997-02-05 Powerstation, Auckland
1997-02-06 State Of It, Napier
1997-02-07 James Cabaret, Wellington
1997-02-13 The Edge, Christchurch
1997-07-00 Unknown venue, Milwaukee
1997-07-14 The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, USA
1997-08-00 Unknown venue, Orlando, FL, USA
1997-09-03 Black Cat, Washington, DC, USA
1997-09-04 Lizard and Snake, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
1997-09-05 Point, Atlanta, GA, USA
1997-09-06 Milk Bar, Jacksonville, FL, USA
1997-09-08 Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando, FL, USA
1997-09-09 Handle Bar, Pensacola, FL, USA
1997-09-10 Howlin Wolf, New Orleans, LA, USA
1997-09-13 Orbit Room, Dallas, TX, USA
1997-09-16 Hollywood Alley, Mesa, AZ, USA
1997-09-17 Casbah, San Diego, CA, USA
1997-09-18 Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1997-09-20 Kilowatt, San Francisco, CA, USA (*)
1997-09-22 Satyricon, Portland, OR, USA
1997-09-23 Crocodile Café, Seattle, WA, USA
1997-09-24 Jay’s Upstairs, Missoula, MT, USA
1997-09-27 Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, USA
1997-09-29 Side Door, St. Louis, USA
1997-09-30 Sudsy Malone’s, Cincinnati, OH, USA
1997-10-01 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
1997-10-00 Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA, USA
1997-10-02 Bug Jar, Rochester, NY, USA (*)
1997-10-03 The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA, Boston, USA
1997-10-11 Knitting Factory, NYC, NY, USA
1997-11-01 Upstairs at Nick’s, Philadelphia, PA, USA
1997-12-09 Knitting Factory, NYC, NY, USA

1998-02-06 Backstage, La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1999-01-26 Sweetwaters, Manukau (*)
1999-02-00 Powerstation, Auckland
1999-02-00 Arc Café, Dunedin
1999-02-12 Indigo Bar, Wellington
1999-02-13 WestpacTrust Centre, Christchurch
1999-02-24 The Provincial, Christchurch
1999-02-25 Valve, Wellington (*)
1999-02-00 Chicago, IL, USA
1999-05-08 The Khyber, Philadelphia, USA
1999-05-09 Black Cat, Washington, DC, USA
1999-05-11 The Point, Atlanta, GA, USA
1999-05-13 The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA, Boston, USA
1999-00-00 Al’s Bar, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1999-06-03 Neon Palm Festival, El Mocambo Club, Toronto, Canada
1999-06-00 Unknown venue, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
1999-06-00 Unknown venue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
1999-06-12 Night Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada
1999-06-13 Starfish Room, Vancouver, Canada
1999-06-15 The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, USA
1999-06-24 Rudyard Pub, Houston, TX, USA (*)
1999-05-07 Coney Island High, 15 St. Marks Place, NYC, NY, USA

2008-08-23 Bowery Ballroom, NYC, USA (*)


Laneway Festival 2013
, Silo Park, Auckland (*)
2013-02-01 The San Francisco Bath House, Wellington (*)
2013-02-05 Kings Arms, Auckland (*)

2018-08-31 The Others Way Festival, Auckland
2018-09-13 Blue Smoke, Christchurch
2018-09-14 San Fran Bath House, Wellington (*)
2018-09-15 The Cook, Dunedin
2018-09-17 Whammy Bar, Auckland